Wakeford & Associates

Carrie Wakeford launched Wakeford & Associates in 2004 offering consulting services in Peterborough and throughout Ontario. Wakeford & Associates is built on Carrie’s passion for adult learning and assisting individuals with career management.

Services for Organizations

If your goal is to offer training to your staff or clients, Carrie Wakeford can work with you to design, develop and facilitate your training programs. If you want to offer online training, Carrie can move existing training programs to an online format, design new training programs and train online facilitators and administrators. Carrie can also evaluate and test your existing training programs. Wakeford & Associates is also experienced in project management and offers services to business, non-profits and government funded organizations.

If your organization needs enhanced training or help reaching a specific goal, contact Carrie at (705) 745-1607 or .

Services for Individuals

Carrie Wakeford draws on 25 years experience as a career counsellor and résumé developer. She offers a résumé development service and professional interview skills training. Carrie works with individuals who are between jobs, recent graduates and those seeking a career change or promotion. She can also assist you in developing and managing your online brand.

If you are an individual looking for help managing your career, or a manager seeking outplacement services, contact Carrie at (705) 745-1607 or .