Instructional Design

Meet the needs of your team members, customers or clients through online or in-group training. 

A group of professionals participating in group trainingAt Wakeford & Associates we will work with you through all steps of the instructional design process to develop or customize your training.  Carrie Wakeford has experience analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating training programs. Her experience with online, blended learning and in-group training gives her insight into the best methods for your target audience.

The instructional design process provides a systematic guide to the development of training programs.
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Analyze: To reach your goals, you will want to determine the specific needs of your target audience and clarify the outcomes you want to achieve. Design: Once you know where you are going, you need to select the best method for engaging your learners and achieving your objectives. Develop: At this stage the training comes together in an organized and logical fashion with the right balance of information, tasks and activities. Implement: Your program is now ready to pilot and test to ensure things work as planned. Evaluate: Even the best programs can be improved.  Using evaluation and feedback adjustments can be made that will result in a stronger program.

Carrie has worked with organizations at all steps of the instructional design process.
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Carrie has researched needs and gathered information.  She has created course structures and designed resource material, tasks and activities, assignments, case studies, discussions, tests and exams.  She has piloted and evaluated programs and analyzed and interpreted the data.  Carrie has identified training strengths and needs, made adjustments and recommendations and has written reports to committees and funders.
Over the past 12 years Carrie has gained extensive experience as a training developer with Wakeford & Associates.
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  • Facilitated focus groups, completed interviews, needs assessments, surveys and polls
  • Worked with advisory groups, project teams and funders to secure project funding
  • Designed course outlines, schedules and lesson plans for instructor-led, online, and video based training up to seven weeks in length
  • Created marketing materials, implemented online and in-person registration systems
  • Evaluated college level business courses and submitted recommendations

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To learn more about how the instructional design process can help you develop and improve your courses, contact Carrie Wakeford at or call (705) 745-1607.