Online Training

Moving your training to an online format allows you to reach a wider audience, save money in time and travel costs, ensure consistency, improve your record-keeping, and offer your students more flexibility – making online learning the perfect option for adult learners.

A young woman with a coffee notepad and laptop taking an online courseWakeford & Associates can take the stress out of moving your existing programs online.  If you need new online programs developed, Carrie Wakeford can guide you through all stages of the instructional design process.  If you already offer online training, have Carrie review your training programs and offer feedback.

Carrie understands the online learning needs of adult learners.
Learn more about Carrie's Qualifications.

Carrie has the ability to present material in a logical, systematic and organized manner.  She has designed online training to include information, activities and tasks as well as group discussions, contests, individual and group assignments and quizzes. Carrie has designed blended learning programs as well as synchronous and asynchronous training.
Carrie has worked extensively with online training programs.
Check out a few of her Highlights.
  • Consulted with writers, established a course structure and entered online courses into the course management system Moodle, on behalf of national and provincial non-profit organizations
  • Wrote four online university level career management programs
  • Designed and developed the interactive course “Is Online Learning For You”
  • Researched, wrote, uploaded and managed two asynchronous online résumé writing courses
  • Created three online, synchronous training programs for foreign-trained engineers, customer service representatives and entrepreneurs
  • Researched, wrote, uploaded and piloted a seven week blended learning career exploration program in healthcare and the trades
  • Co-wrote and co-facilitated a “Technology-Supported Distance Learning” workshop at a provincial conference

Contact to Learn More

Contact Carrie at Wakeford & Associates for help developing online programs or uploading your existing programs.  We can also test and evaluate existing training programs.  For more information contact Carrie Wakeford at or call (705) 745-1607.