Interview Preparation

There are many different types of questions employers can ask you in an interview – behavioural, situational and traditional. Carrie Wakeford will help you prepare for your interview.  You will develop your presentation skills so that you enter each interview with confidence.  Practice with someone who understands what employers are seeking. 

Two women conducting a practise interviewCarrie Wakeford prepares her clients for interviews.
Learn more about Carrie's Qualifications.

Carrie has led group interview skills workshops and worked individually to assist clients in developing their interview skills through practice.  She researched and wrote interview questions, facilitated interviews and provided feedback.  She has helped many people develop memorable answers to tough questions.  She has also assisted people in preparing to handle questions they don’t want to be asked.  Carrie has interviewed and selected candidates for positions in both business and non-profit organizations.
Carrie has extensive experience with the interview process.
Check out a few of her Highlights.
  • Worked individually and with hiring committees to select individuals for full-time, part-time and contract positions
  • Trained 1900 individuals through role play interviews and feedback
  • Completed role play interviews with individuals completing college level business programs

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Book your interview practice session today by contacting Wakeford & Associates at (705) 745-1607.  Carrie will meet with you to discuss questions you may be asked and help you develop answers that will catch the attention of an employer.  Carrie can be reached at .