Research and Assessment

By measuring outcomes you can ensure you are meeting the needs of your participants and funders.  Wakeford & Associates can help you gather information and feedback through surveys, needs assessments, evaluations and interviews.  This information can be used to identify recommendations that will allow you to improve programs and services and secure ongoing funding.

Research being done on a laptop and an associate taking notesCarrie believes that because nothing is static, ongoing assessment is essential in order to improve programs and services and ensure accountability.
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In addition to completing extensive research to develop training programs, Carrie Wakeford has also evaluated existing courses, presented recommendations and implemented changes.  She has also completed needs surveys, analyzed the results and prepared reports including recommendations.  She researched and developed proposals and secured funding for programs and services.  Carrie has developed and evaluated business plans for small businesses and a non-profit organization and submitted approval requests for government funding. She has assisted job seekers with labour market research and career assessments.

Carrie Wakeford has completed initial research for training programs, projects and career management services.  She has designed and implemented surveys, needs assessments and evaluations.
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  • Conducted 120 in-person, telephone and email surveys, compiled results and outlined findings in a summary report
  • Completed 800 needs assessments and wrote detailed reports outlining recommendations for group and individual services, based on local community resources
  • Designed and administered over 1800 client satisfaction surveys, submitted reports to funders and made adjustments to programs and services
  • Used Constant Contact to send member surveys and polls, produce reports, and analyze results
  • Implemented a government funded survey, compiled and analyzed the results and produced a final report recommending strategies for addressing training gaps in the community
  • Researched and wrote an annotated bibliography for a human resource management website
  • Collected, categorized and documented workplace data for building Essential Skills Profiles

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Contact Carrie Wakeford at Wakeford & Associates to discuss your research and assessment needs. Carrie can be reached at or at (705)745-1607.