A targeted résumé continues to be a valuable tool for managing your career. In addition to using your résumé to apply for positions, a good base résumé can also be used to develop your online brand; for example it can help guide the development of your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio.

A woman proof-reading her resumeDeveloping your résumé will leave you feeling confident because it shines a light on all the skills and abilities you bring to a specific position. As you develop your résumé you organize your material and your thoughts, which has the added benefit of preparing you for an interview.

Carrie has 25 years experience helping people of all ages with résumé development.
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Carrie has written and edited résumés and facilitated résumé writing workshops in person and online.  She understands the value of a short, action focused résumé that will catch the attention of employers.
Carrie enjoys developing résumés for her clients, as well as teaching people how to manage their own résumé.
Check out a few of her Highlights.
  • Developed two online résumé writing programs, two résumé writing workshops and three career management training programs
  • Assisted over 1900 job seekers with résumé and employment letter development as well as skills, values and interests assessments
  • Researched Essential Skills and occupational profiles and labour market information
  • Supported ten career counsellors in developing résumé writing skills
  • Screened résumés for non-profit organizations and private companies and selected individuals to interview
  • Worked with a team of judges to evaluate résumés for the Career Professionals of Canada, to determine the yearly Awards of Excellence winners

Résumé Service Options

Wakeford & Associates can critique your current résumé and offer tips on building a stronger presentation.  We also offer a full résumé writing service as well as a do-it-yourself online résumé writing program.

If you need your LinkedIn profile reviewed and developed, we can do that for you as well.

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Contact Wakeford & Associates to arrange to work with Carrie Wakeford on the development and customization of your résumé.  Résumé development can be done online or in person.  Carrie can be reached at or at (705) 745-1607.