A young woman with a coffee notepad and laptop taking an online courseWhat words would you use to describe an entrepreneur? 

  • independent
  • self-motivated/self-starter
  • productive
  • opportunity seeker
  • willing to take charge
  • willing to take calculated risks and try new things
  • creative and innovative
  • good problem solvers
  • life-long learners

So What Exactly Is Intrapreneurship?

One of the changes I’ve seen over the years is an increasing demand for employees to be intrapreneurial.  This term describes someone who brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the workplace.

Employers I’ve talked to say they are always looking for employees that can think and act like entrepreneurs.  What employer wouldn’t value team members who are independent, creative, adaptable, versatile and innovative? 

When you look at the list of entrepreneurial traits, which traits could you use to describe yourself?  Are there ways you could develop some of these skills?  Not to worry if many of the traits of an entrepreneur don’t come naturally, there are always ways to cultivate new skills.

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