Careerpreneurs at Work

A Careerpreneur manages their career like a small business.  Having an entrepreneurial spirit allows you to take charge and manage your own career. 

For example, if you are working, continue to draw on that entrepreneurial spirit to stay current in your field and track trends.  

Careerpreneurs identify any gaps in their skills and seek out formal and informal training that will expand their marketable skills. They stay open to new opportunities and new fields.  They seek out experiences that will help get them where they want to go; for example, they volunteer strategically. 

Careerpreneurs build and maintain a network of contacts. They develop their own “Personal Brand” and develop an online presence.  

Careerpreneurs track goals, document successes and record new learning.  Tip: these records will come in handy during a performance evaluation.  Always keep your résumé up-to-date and in your HR file.

Careerpreneurs and Job Search

Doorway to opportunityIf you’re looking for work, being a Careerpreneur will help you take charge of your direction and guide you toward making informed career decisions. 

Careerpreneurs are willing to learn about themselves. They take the time to identify their current skills, aptitudes and interests. They know about transferable skills and how to “sell” them to an employer.  They use their job search to help them identify the skills they need to develop.

In a nutshell, Careerpreneurs take back control of career direction and decision-making. 

Develop a Plan

Identifying your skills and researching your options so your decisions are informed and strategic will prepare you to compete for positions now and in the future.

For more information about taking charge of your career direction whether you are working or looking for work, contact me at or (705) 745-1607 to arrange to talk about your career plan.