Facilitated Online Learning

In a facilitated online course you may manage your own work schedule and complete tasks and assignments independently, but you will be guided by specific start and end-dates and deadlines and you will have a set schedule for completing modules and tasks. 

In most facilitated online courses you will be able to see who is online when you log in, however, you won’t need to be online at the same time as other students in order to have a conversation.  You will connect with others through discussion forums, where you can read posts, then post your own knowledge, thoughts and opinions.

Online facilitators usually take a “behind the scenes approach”.  They monitor activities, provide direction, guide discussions and take steps to keep participants focused, active and productive. 

You will have access to the facilitator if you need support. Online facilitators often post a schedule letting students know when they will be available. They can offer guidance, feedback and support via forum posts and direct emails.  Facilitators will also be available to provide feedback on your marks, posts and assignments. 

Some online courses include real-time facilitated activities.  This means you will be given a time when you will need to be available for a chat, webinar or other online gathering. 

Facilitated online learning is a great way to get introduced to online learning.  It also works well for people who prefer a more structured program.