Case Study: Self-Directed Learning

Jon registered for an online Résumé Writing course that allowed him to work through the course material on his own, at his own pace. He is a methodical person so he followed the written instructions and completed all of the tasks without skipping a section.  He even completed all of the quizzes.

It took him a bit longer than he expected because he picked up a short term contract in the second week which left him too tired at night to work on the course.

Jon was able to finish the course in less than a month with a solid chronological style résumé.  However, he still had access to the course for another two months so he decided to use the time to develop a second résumé style. 

He went back to the “select a style” section of the lesson and worked through the steps.  This time it was much quicker because he now had a good base résumé to work from.  He actually liked this second functional style résumé better than the chronological style, but he is planning to use both.