Bullet Points: Numbers

Measurable statements will stand out.  They can make your content believable and they help to create a clear picture for the employer.

You could use:

  1. Dollar figures – e.g. “What size budget did you manage?”
  2. Numbers – e.g. “How many people did you supervise?”
  3. Percentages – e.g. “What was your average grade?”
  4. Timelines – e.g. “How many days, hours, years?”

You will notice that the second bullet point below has more of an impact.

  • Sent out agendas
  • Distributed draft agendas to 20 board members, two days in advance of each meeting

Note:  Although you can break “grammatical rules” on a résumé, in most cases, whole numbers smaller than ten, are written out. (E.g. you would write seven rather than 7.)