Past Students

The résumé course helped to break down what felt like the impossible task of writing down my life into manageable sections. Why hasn’t anyone ever told me how to do this before. Well done! – Kate W.

The tasks and activities were excellent – the course just flowed so I was never lost. – Michael M.

I am not computer literate, so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me to work through the course. – Judy D.

I just loved the course. I just kept getting caught up in the content. I learned a lot! – Nancy F.

The course was set up well. It was user friendly and I had no problem navigating from section to section. The information and instructions were clear and concise. – Cheryl M.

As someone just starting out in my career, this course has helped me improve my résumé a lot. – James K.

Working through this online résumé writing course has been so helpful. I was able to bring life to my old résumé. I even ended up with a few different styles. – Cheryl S.

The course helped me in many ways. I was able to figure out the best way to structure my résumé. – Cindy N.