Research and Social Media – A Case Study

As mentioned in a previous blog post, social media will help you manage your online presence.

Social media tools can also help you network, find job leads, research companies, keep up-to-date on industry trends, learn about your field and share your knowledge with others.

Case Study

Patrice wanted to work at Green Communities Canada.  He was able to learn a lot about the organization and their members all across Canada on their website at:

The Green Communities site also helped Patrice keep up-to-date with the trends and developments in his field.

He noticed that the site had a blog.  He subscribed to their RSS feed so notices would be sent to him whenever there was a new blog entry.  He also commented on a couple of the blog posts, sharing information he had picked up recently.

Patrice saw that Green Communities had their Twitter feed displaying right on their site. He is now following them on Twitter.

The website also had a link to the Green Communities Facebook page, so he visited and read the posts.  He made sure he clicked the “Like” button.


Social media allowed Patrice to learn more about the field and the Green Communities organization.  He also started building his reputation in the field by posting comments on their blog. He also used this information to help him prepare his résumé.


For more information about using social media in your job search visit “Job Hunting Online“.