Cost of a Resume

How much should you pay for a resume?

I have seen many formulas used to help people decide what they should pay.  The most common:

  • One week’s earnings from the job you are seeking.
    • The idea is that a good resume will speed your entry into a new position.
  • Your hourly rate x 20 hours.
    • The idea is that the resume developer will save you that amount of time – and more.  Professional resume writers can spend between 10 and 25 hours developing your resume.

In most cases, the cost of a resume will vary depending on your years’ of work experience and your career level. 

I am a member of Career Professionals of Canada. In a recent blog post one of our members provided the findings of a survey of Canadian Resume Writers.  The results of this survey is outlined in the chart below.

Resume Pricing Chart

Resume Pricing

Naturally, people want to know the cost to have their resume developed. However, it is also important to ask a few additional questions.  Ask the resume developer about their experience.  Find out if they have testimonials. Ask about the process, and whether the resume they develop for you will be a template or a custom design.

It is also important to ask yourself what you hope to gain by having a professional resume developed.  You may find that in the short term it will save you time so you can focus on other parts of your job search.  It may help to reduce your stress level.  A professionally developed resume will give you confidence when you send it to an employer. It will also increase the likelihood of securing interviews for the jobs you want. Finally, in the long term, it will give you a base resume that you can manage yourself as you progress in your career.

I have 25 years’ of experience designing and developing resumes. The resumes I develop range from $300 to $1,000.  If you would like an estimate for developing your resume, please contact me at or (705) 745-1607.