Case Study: Blended Learning

Anna registered for an in-class college course.  She was a bit nervous to learn that as part of her course, she was required to log into a Learning Management System (LMS).  She had never used e-learning software before so she wasn’t sure it was going to work for her.

Once Anna got logged in, she found it pretty user friendly.  She was able to find the PDF document her instructor assigned her to read and she found the resource links they had posted.  She even found a glossary of terms!

Instructions for course assignments were posted online each week.  Anna liked the fact that she always knew where to find the instructions and she could refer back whenever she had a question.  She even had the option of uploading her completed assignment rather than sending it by email. 

Anna loved getting her marks instantly when she completed the weekly online quiz. The quiz actually forced her to stay organized and on top of her reading.

Finally, she liked the online discussion forums and a link to the instructor’s email because it meant she could ask questions and get feedback between classes.

Anna is now considering registering for a facilitated online course that she can schedule around her work hours.  This also reduces her travel time which is important during the winter semester.